Welcome to Roussos Beach Hotel at the beautiful Naoussa in Paros!

Welcome to Paros & Roussos Beach Hotel in Naoussa, a tiny fishing village in the northeast corner of the island. 

If you’re looking for a cosmopolitan yet relaxing destination in Greece, then Paros is the place for you. Beautiful crystal clear waters coupled with elegant and chic cocktail bars and restaurants, calls for the perfect combination to forget about all your worries back home and enjoy an escape in the Cyclades you certainly will not forget. There are so many things to do and see in Paros that you will find yourself reluctant to leave this island when the time comes!

A popular Cycladic destination, the island of Paros is well known for its laid-back atmosphere, local feel and historic architectural sights. It has beautiful beaches, sports activities, trendy bars and clubs, tasty food, wineries, traditional architecture, paths for trekking and hiking etc. The list as you might understand goes endless! That’s why if you go to Paros, you notice the variety of ages that visit it, from young people and students to families and older couples. This creates an amazing mix that gives this island an extra dimension! Parikia is the main harbour and it isn’t the most beautiful village in Paros, but it has its own beauty with alleys, little shops, an open-air cinema and the famous and historic Byzantine Church, Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, which was built back in 4 century in the port town of Parikia. This church is known as the “Church with 100 doors” and is one of the most important preserved churches of Greece! There is a legend, which claims that 99 doors have been found in the Panagia Ekatondapiliani, but the 100th will be discovered only when Constantinople (Istanbul) will become Greek again!

Parikia Town lies within 10 km from Despina's Mare, while Paros National Airport is at 20 km. Staff at the front desk can arrange car rental to explore famous beaches, such as Kolympithres at 5 km. 

If you like water sports, then Paros is a great choice for you! You can do various sports like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, kayaking and canoeing, kiteboarding, etc at Golden Beach (our favourite beach for water sports), New Golden Beach and Santa Maria.

Paros is also famous for its beaches. So, don’t forget to visit:

Kolymbithres: Small beaches trapped between big rocks and the water provide for a beautiful setting! There you will find sunbeds and clear water. It is ideal for families with children. And just have in mind. Don’t stop at the first bay, but check the others as well! Warning: In July and August can be very crowded!

Santa Maria: Santa Maria beach starts quite shallow – which is great for children (!) and then gently gets deeper. There are a few beach bars and restaurants and even some water sports available for rental. It is close to Naoussa and it is served by a bus service. Maybe it isn’t ideal for the peak season if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place!

Golden Beach: This is one of my favorite beaches but perhaps I am a little biased as I have spent some lovely summers there! It has deep blue waters, golden sands and the beautiful Cycladic landscape! Also, there, you will enjoy from coffee to cocktails at the beach and from sandwiches to romantic dinners! If you are a surfer don’t miss this location. One of the best places for wind-surf and amazing wind!!

Monastiri: Lovely beach, well organised with shallow and clear water and it is ideal for families! You can follow the rocky path (around 20′) toward the boats and you will find a peaceful cove beach that is not organized and that is nude friendly.

Faragas: The lovely setting and the clear, light blue water makes this beach to be high on my personal list. It has a nice beach restaurant, where you can have lunch or simply refreshments.
Protected from the north wind which is quite common in Paros island.

…and many many more. 

The closest escape is the Environmental and Cultural Park of Aï Giánnis Détis (parospark.com), a car-free area beginning at the eponymous monastery on the peninsula closing off Náoussa bay on the northwest. Seven well-mapped and -marked hiking trails crisscross the peninsula with its stunning rock formations; the most popular pair of paths, numbered '1' and '2', take you to the handsome 1887-vintage, British-built lighthouse at Cape Kórakas. Using the most direct path from the events amphitheatre above the car-park and snack-bar, allow a minimum 40 minutes round-trip to the lighthouse; in September the landscape is covered in the waving, snow-white fronds of sea squill.